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A MARIA JOBSE product interflows inspiration gifted by nature, the Dutch colour palate reminiscent of the Old Masters heritage that defined the vivid and distinct Dutch illumination of naturalistic allure. There is a quality of synaesthesia to the label: it is not merely a concept or brand of objects but intertwines the experience in many senses and sentiments.

Maria Jobse responds to an all-encompassing sense that unites a total spectrum of incoming stimulations. She takes her scenery as varied as nature, manmade structures, human capacity; observing sensory qualities, reminiscing the golden ratio, tactile experience, shapes and connections. This is her nature and her fundament as a designer.

Maria Jobse is fully aware of evolving between sky and earth, and this gives her an exclusive connection with her environment, appearing as the undeniable bond between the elements.
 Understanding the interaction between her surrounding and the light, she is fascinated by the way pigments absorb and reflect this specific light. The genesis of her work finds its existence in the intuitive search of the dissociation of a colour, until perceiving the entire palette that is composing it. 
Each season symbolizes a new colour range, full of shades and possibilities that Maria Jobse is constantly eager to explore.

A natural, tactile design and creation process is at the core of the brand, uniting visual authenticity and high quality leather implementation in luxury items compliant to top grade quality and craftsmanship, locally hand manufactured. The shape and feeling of any design is the starting point for a new and refined definition of a bag or accessory.

This is future vintage, ready to be lived and relived by its owner, coming into personal shape and well-worn shine that befits a quality designed and produced garment that outlasts seasonal novelty. To buy a MARIA JOBSE is to incorporate an object into one’s identity. The label does not outshine the user, it compliments him or her and appeals on a sensory level, a recognition of shared perspective on value beyond statement and reappreciation of a basic je ne sais quoi. It is consistent in toned down attitude, instinctively self-aware of its natural values and individuality in approach.

An esteem for simplicity and a clear tone of voice in technical ingenuity, reinforce the clearest concept of a bag, any object, to an essence in contour, construction and detailing. In the Netherlands, its home base, the MARIA JOBSE label sticks to a straightforward definition of design, as necessity as the mother of invention.




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